Monday, April 28, 2014

The Plan (Subject to Change)

Sometimes you need a plan.  As I look across our homestead at the grass starting to turn green and the bare garden, the intimidation is almost overwhelming.  So boy, do I need a plan.

In a nut shell, my plan for the summer looks something like this:

Create some "lasagna" garden beds.  (Check!  One giant one done and "cooking")

Resist the urge to buy more chickens!

Teach a toddler boundaries (yeah, I know).

Freeze strawberries so we can enjoy smoothies all winter.

Revive my own strawberry patches and apologize to them profusely for the neglect.

Plant an orchard. (No big deal, right?)

Pick raspberries.  Lots and lots of raspberries.

Preserve as many raspberries as I can without going positively insane.

Grow some tomatoes and pray over them every day that the blight misses them.

Can tomatoes until I can't see straight.

Can peaches.  At least 40 quarts.  Our family really likes peaches, ok?  Ok.

Oh yeah, and have a baby.

Never mind, it's more overwhelming when i see it written down.

Life is ever changing.  These are my goals.  Doesn't mean they're going to all happen.  But now there's a plan.  And now you know.  So when you ask me how my strawberries are doing please quickly change the subject when I turn red (like a strawberry, ha).  Or at least console me by telling me how difficult you have found them to be.

At any rate, be nice to me this summer.  There's a lot on my plate.  Some optional, some not.

I leave you with a clip of the Little Mechanic riding his balance bike.  I hate to brag, but this kid is awesome :D.

So how about you?  What do you have on your to do list this summer?