Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Of Destructive Construction and Far too Many Projects

Dunking cookies like a champ.

I am, in fact, well aware that the entire month of November was postless.  I am going to lie and say that it was intentional.  Whether it is a lack of inspiration or the fact that The Little Mechanic has taken up throwing a fit even if I only look at the computer, I will never be quite sure.

So many things have been happening here at the homestead.  Not so much the homestead itself.  Rather, the inside of our humble abode.  For example, we took down a wall.

And by "we" I of course mean The Handsome Cowboy.  I did not help.  I did not take pictures.  Instead, I was busy rocking a sick baby.  Poor thing :(.  He spent an entire week in misery.  He hasn't really been sick since he was 10 months old or so.  No complaints here.

The other big thing that has been accomplished is finishing the bathroom.  It only took a year. Ha.  We went with this theme.  Don't faint.  We actually found it all at Ollies of all places for a fraction of the price.
I don't have a picture it all done with the trim but here is a picture at least of the ceiling.
Why yes, that is galvanized roofing.

With that said, I am going to go cuddle with my little morning person and watch Dinosaur Train until mommy is awake enough to function.  Ice cream for breakfast, anyone?

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Lynda Dietz said...

Ahh, home renovations...if you can live through it, you'll be married for life!