Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mommy Needs...an Alarm Clock?

Rising early has never been my cup of tea.

My husband, bless him, gets up every morning before the sun.  His alarm blares it's non melodic tune at 4:45 every morning.  He affectionately refers to this time of the day as the "butt crack of dawn".



Then there's The Little Mechanic.  Sometimes he decides he needs to be up the same time as The Handsome Cowboy and sometimes he's such a late riser I start to check periodically to make sure he's breathing.  It's a mom thing.

The Little Mechanic often reads books in the morning.

Why is this such an issue for me?  I'm not really sure.  I like being warm.  I like being comfy.  I like baby snuggles.

Admittedly, I would probably be so much more productive if I could get up that early.  I could get the dishes done and throw in a load of laundry before The Little Mechanic even stirs.  Unless I wake him up when I get out of bed, then we'll both just be crabby.

I would like to remedy this problem of mine.  But, truthfully, I lack the motivation right now.  Yes, here I am at 9 am, still in my pajamas, without having done a thing yet.  It's shameful.

So, tell me, what time do you get up in the morning?  
What's the first thing you do? 
What keeps you motivated to continue to do so every day?

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